Harvard Studio Project

Product Design


AI fashion creating tool

Project Type

23 spring Harvard Design Engineering Studio project

Group project:

Yiqi Yan (Product design & Prototype)

Wenbo Zhang (Research & Fashion)

My role

Product designer

UX / UI Design

Motion designer

Demo prototyper


Spring 2023

2024 iF Finalist

This project is nominated by the iF Jury Chairperson @Karen Reuther, and will be directly participated in the final jury panel in 2024 iF Awards.


Upstyle is an image-assisted text-to-image AI tool that allows you to create fashion pieces with more accuracy

The current AI generative tools, e.g., Midjourney are mostly biased and struggle to generate images with high accuracy. While they can be useful for creative brainstorming, they often off the trail for users with specific design objectives.

There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, Midjourney's AI model was trained on an extensive dataset of images, resulting in biased output. Additionally, users are typically non-professionals and may struggle to formulate accurately structured prompts for descriptions.

Therefore, Upstyles aims to address the accuracy issue in generating fashion pieces. In this project, we focus on the use case of 'Redesigning unworn garments' to demonstrate the image-to-image generation logic.

Video demo

More details of this project are still coming on their way. You may want to first have a look at the video demo :)