Concept art

Self-initiated project


Near-future cyberpunk concept design

Project Type

Game Concept Design
2D/3D Design
Futuristic Design

My role

Concept Designer


Winter 2019

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop,
Fusion 360



As a sci-fi lover, I've always been drawn to the concept of 'Cyberization', which investigats into the future world where fantasy meets reality…

This is a concept art project with a Chinese Cyberpunk worldview. I've always been captivated by the cyberpunk concept, characterized by futuristic technology and scientific advancements. Influenced by films such as Ridley Scott's 1982 movie "Blade Runner," "Ghost in the Shell," and "The Matrix" trilogy, I found inspiration to create a game art project within this near-future subgenre. Combining elements from both Eastern and Western cultures, evident in the architecture and characters, I delved into the futuristic dystopian aesthetic for this project.

Chapter 1.

Assassin Concepts

Chapter 1.

Assassin Concepts

  • Sidearms

Chapter 1.

Assassin Concepts

  • Vehicles

Chapter 2.

Mizuba - the killer

Chapter 3.

The priest

Chapter 4.

The floating monument

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